The company

Tessitura Ballasina was founded on 10 October 1945 by Ballasina Ovidio. In the following years, his son Cesare first joined the company, followed by the his sons Gilberto and Marisa.

In addition to the fifty-year continuity, it achieved highly consistent results in terms of highly specialized and highly prized production both nationally and internationally.

As an evidence, in order to keep up with the pace of foreign competition, the company continues to invest in machineries and technologies that are always innovative in order to increase and improve production and quality.
In 2004 Tessitura Ballasina decided to acquire the company Tessitura Grecchi, manufacturing abrics for the dairy sector, for the protections for the food industry, canvases for painters and canvases for restoration, thus expanding its knowledge in the textile field and giving a new drive to the company.

The new products are all woven in pure linen of various titrations and qualities of EU origin and are aimed at retailers for dairy products.
Thanks to the traceability certified by TF CTC 002 C, it managed certify its entire line with certifications for food suitability essential for whoever exports its products.

To supplement the range, Tessitura Ballasina produces rubberized and non rubberized aprons for personal protection for the dairy industry, certified for food suitability as well. The production was recently expanded with the introduction of nylon tubes for soft cheese, a product certified as well.
A specific production of fabrics is used, 310 and 315 cm high, to be used by restorers to restore frescoes and by painters to paint, being the noble linen fabric and very qualified.


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